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Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair straightening helps to achieve beautiful, straight, smooth, shiny and healthy hair. After the procedure, they will be shinier, smoother and will not frizz. Rain, snow, humid air, Your hair will no longer become fluffy, you will not have to fear that it will start to frizz and fluffy again.


  • Keratin gives an immediate effect and the result lasts for 2-6 months;

  • Works on all hair types, even very curly hair will become straight;

  • Keratin ensures healthy, silky, shiny and most importantly straight hair;

  • The fluffy hair effect is removed;

  • Keratin does not damage hair, but improves its condition by restoring its structure;

  • Forget about straightening your hair after every wash.

Suitable for all hair types: undyed, bleached, colored, chemically treated.

Hair Botox Renewal

Hair Botox is the last generation of miracle hair treatment with ultimate way to revive your hair. Using natural ingredients helps you restore and rebuild the treated hair, leaving the hair soft, smooth, and silky to touch. The unique ingredients as natural enzymes, active collagen, keratin, fatty acids, oils, omega-3, proteins and amino acids will give the hair a softer, healthier and shinier look. 


  • Restores dry damaged hair

  • Improves hair texture and shine

  • Hydrates and deeply conditions

  • Treats split ends and tames frizz

  • UV protection - prevents damage and protects against UV rays.​

  • The effect lasts from 2-3 months!

Suitable for all hair types.


​​Hair restoration procedure - Bixyplastia! Hybrid of Keratin and rejuvenating Botox treatment!

The newest generation of hair straightening with hydrolyzed keratin. 

Exclusive Bixyplastia action formula that restores fatty acids and amino acids, providing not only immediate restoration of hair structure and very high moisturizing properties, but also gives hair straightness, smoothness, silkiness and excellent shine.

During the procedure, the hair structure is deeply nourished and filled from the inside.

You can wash your hair immediately after the procedure!

Shine, flexibility already from one procedure!

The effect lasts up to 3 months!

Suitable for all hair types.

Hair Polishing

Polishing hair - this is a procedure that largely allows you to return the hair in a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

The most important thing that will please many girls is to get rid of split ends without losing length. This method is ideal for those who wants to grow gorgeous long hairs. 

  • Removes up to 100 percent of all split hair tips; 

  • For long-lasting results from 2 to 6 months;

  • An ideal solution for removing split ends, fast and very convenient while maintaining hair length;

  • Ideal after the Botox, Keratin or Bixyplastia Treatments.


Suitable for all hair types.

Washing Hair in Salon

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